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Hello Everyone!

Welcome to our Blog. Please come in & do sit down. The summer and good weather of 2019 has sprung into motion..finally. Birds are chirping, days are getting longer, and plans are being made. This blog centers around ideas and information pertaining to real estate investment. Whether you're someone selling your house currently, in the future, or like me just a garden variety real estate investment enthusiast, I strongly suggest and welcome your feedback and contribution to the beginning of a new day, a new start, a continued journey, and lets not forget what I've come to call networking...Networking is a broad term, encompassing many forms of building connections such as, online forums, upcoming seminars & webinars, the wide world of online advertising, the list goes on and continues to grow. What I put in is always what I get out...? Isn't that the golden rule, or one of them? Yes, i'm an optimist, yes, I am overly there such a th…

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