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A New Day, A New Way

Good Day To Everyone!

Recently I highlighted upon my motivation, inspiration, and enthusiasm I have towards the real estate investment market and how Capita Northwest is my ideal conductor of these qualities. Yes, I feel fortunate and grateful to be present, seemingly qualified, but most of all teachable. Being teachable is undoubtedly a cornerstone characteristic for anyone in the real estate investment game, if not for all enterprise's where there is a plethora of strategies, foundational constructs around marketing, sales, and service that not only change the consumers experience when contemplating a real estate endeavor, but are in a constant state of development for the investor. To clarify investor, I refer to the investor as anyone that is financially involved on a daily basis selling, buying, talking, thinking, and most off all making moves towards connecting yourself and/or represented business to conventional ideologies and what i'll refer to as the Teachable ideolog…

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